FuN, Fun, FUN with COLOURS Holiday Camp

We had great fun last week during our December Holiday Programme. The theme was “FuN, Fun, FUN with COLOURS” and we had a vibrant and multi-coloured 4 days.

Day One was “Blue Day” and we enjoyed printing on our book bags and having our “blue” treasure hunt.

On Day Two, we had “Green Day” with an exciting trip to Lake Gardens, surrounded by the greenery.

Next we had “Red Day” and we cooked up a storm with red-coloured ingredients (full of vitamins!).

Finally our last day was “Rainbow Day” and we found lots of rainbows as we had water and bubble play.

As we say goodbye to our colourful week, we would like to wish all our children and parents “HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

See you all in 2017.