About Us


The Growing Tree is a Montessori preschool offering programmes, which fully adopt the Montessori philosophy. We firmly believe that every child is unique, and we welcome their diversity and their individual growth during the first six important years of their life.

Our goal is to guide, nurture and support the development of the child’s full potential. This is accomplished by offering an environment equipped with Montessori and developmentally appropriate materials that provides for the child’s inner needs and a team of nurturing and experienced early childhood educators.

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that young children develop their own personalities through the choices they make while interacting with their environment, hence developing independence, confidence and becoming socially well-adjusted young individuals.

Our Montessori school caters for children from the ages of 18 months to 4 years old. We offer half-day and extended-day programmes. We also offer enrichment programmes such as Intensive Mandarin, Speech & Drama and Art.

Our founders (from left to right: Irene Tan, Denise Tan, Lum Yen Nee, Chung Tsung Yun and Melissa Gabriel) have a combined total of 95 years of invaluable experience in Montessori early childhood education.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Montessori school!